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Yay! Since October Ibyiza Birimbere is also available on Indieflix (For those of you who don’t know it – that is basically the independent equivalent to NETFLIX where you can watch tons of great documentaries and short films) and for those who have a subscription with Indieflix it is free. Even better: they liked the film so much that they featured it for 2 weeks as “Staff Pick” in November and are featuring it again over the holidays, that is really awesome! If you watch our film there, please don’t forget to rate it and leave a comment!


If you want to subscribe with Indieflix you can do so by using our affiliate links. You get a free one month trial if you use our affiliate link and click HERE for a $5/month monthly recurring subscription OR a free 3 months trial if you click HERE for a $50/year subscription. (for disclosure: if you use any of these links to sign up, we will receive a reward from Indieflix after the first payment is made)


In case you didn’t notice on the website, we have made watching IBYIZA BIRIMBERE online as instant streaming or download super easy for you. Go to WATCH NOW to check out all the options. As for now the film is available on VHX (also via ROKU & Chromecast), on VIMEO (also via APPLE TV) and on REELHOUSE (Here you can also pay with PayPal or Bitcoins, great news!) We offer purchase and rent on all platforms and try to keep the price everywhere the same – though  there might be special offers sometimes on specific platforms. Invite some friends over, go to your favourite platform and watch it – and please let us know what you think about it!