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How we support our friends in Rwanda with our film

In October 2015 the Protestant and Catholic congregation of Muenster – Roxel in Germany showed our film during an ecumenical church event and they collected money to support our protagonist Gerard’s education. After we had found private sponsors for Gerards 2015 school fees, his tuition is secured now for 2016 and  even a big chunk of 2017 school fees are taken care of. It makes us really happy to be able to give something back and it is great to see that watching our film moves people to jump in and help. So thanks a lot to everyone who supported Gerard and helps him to get a degree! Lots of love! The collected funds have been transferred to the Survivors Fund SURF – a NGO that, amongst other objectives, supports orphans like Gerard. They are taking care that the money reaches Gerard and the school. If you want to support SURF: donating to them is really easy with VIRGIN MONEY GIVING.

We Are supporting SURF also by sharing all revenue we make on the streaming platform VHX. 50% of all earnings go directly to their account and are supporting their program “Children of Rape” – so if you want to watch the film and make a donation at the same time you can do so by clicking right here.

Soenke and Gerard working on Gerards text for the film

Soenke and Gerard working on Gerards text for the film in a cafe in Kigali. The text he is reading in the film is written by Gerard.

Gerard and Gerrit driving in Kigali

Gerard and Gerrit driving in Kigali

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